Good Morning

FD-FT - Hello, good morning friends.  Ok, in this chance, I'll tell you something. Do you have a laptop? Yea, maybe you have a laptop. Do you have an ignorant friend? When you do your work, he push the power button, so your laptop going to sleep. Don't worry, here I'll tell you How to Disable Power Button.

How to Disable Power Button so It Doesn't Sleep :

1. See into bottom right sidebar. See the battery icon.
How to Disable Power Button

2. Right Click on the icon and choose Power Options.

How to Disable Power Button

3. And then, Choose what closing the lid does.

Cara Disable Tombol Power dan Sleep pada laptop [Anti Jahil]
4. Let we set it.

How to Disable Power Button

5. If you finish, click Save Changes

Finish, after that, try to push power button on your laptop, what happen? yeah, your laptop doesn't going to sleep.

Enjoy, I hope it usefull for you. Thanks.

Good Morning

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